Ow and why do Hansen, Siegel, and Epstein differ in their approach to trauma?

There are multiple prompts. Please look at every prompts and pick any of your choice.
The three sources are the three books indicated in the bottom.

Format please turn in by email. Papers should be 5-7 pages.

Good argument/paper structure, make sure you have a clear thesis
Accuracy: make sure your claims and characterizations of the texts are in fact
Analysis: a good paper does more than summarizes positions and arguments; it
shows thoughtfulness and analysis in exploring the meaning and implications
of arguments; in a 100 level course, it is often easiest to do this by choosing a
comparative topic
Housekeeping: proof read your paper, go to the writing center if possible, make sure
you are spelling names correctly, put a title on your paper!


The Trauma of Everyday life i?? Mark Epstein
The Happiness Hypothesis i?? Haidt
The Mindsight i?? Siegel

1. Haidt, Siegel, and Hanson all offer recipes for how people can be happy. Are they all talking about the same thing? In other words, what do they mean by happiness? Are their definitions/implicit conceptions actually compatible or are there some important differences? (N.B. if you choose this prompt, be sure to devote equal time to each author and be sure to answer the prompt. This means you need to justify what you say each author means by happiness by reference to their work.

2. Epstein and Hanson seem to have very different approaches to finding meaning and happiness in human life. Epstein insists that we should stop dissociating and work through i?? by meditation or therapy what makes us uncomfortable or causes dis-ease. By contrast, Hanson offers a technique that allows us to overwrite negative memories with positive experiences. Please discuss these two approaches, their differences and relevant merits. I am asking you to formulate a thesis by pointing to a discrepancy or difference in their approaches. You may draw on material from Emmons and Keltner if you wish.

3. How and why do Hansen, Siegel, and Epstein differ in their approach to trauma?

4. Formulate your own prompt. Please check it with me