Ow and Why does an individual come into conflict with society?

The essay must be organised into an appropriate structure of introduction, developmente and conclusion using a formal register.
The essay must address the issues raised by the guiding question and theme proposed and you must work closely with the book, with appropriate referenced quotations.
Is not an essay about Ibsen or the characters, is not an analysis of them. It is more like: How a person (Krogstard) contrdict societys expectations and still be a good father? Is Nora a good mother? She leaves the house and the children, that is a thing a good mother shouldnt have done.
The societys expectation for a father/mather were……..
Torvald has the right to be angry that Nora forjed the promissory note. Torvald does not have the right to be angry, Nora saved his life going against that periods society rules.
Quotes are very important!!!!
Please just work with the title of the essay.

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