Ow and why does set design/setting contribute to/reflect the characters lifestyles/personalities?

This course is a?MUEL: 2862-750 American Film Musicala?.

Following is this courseas overview:

In this course, will we take a journey together to explore the creation and development of the uniquely American art form, the Film Musical”. Beginning our examination with the 1927 sensation starring Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer”, we will watch a wide variety of film musicals from the 1920s through the Golden Age of the 1950s. The focus of our discussions will be the relationship of these films to the American society from which they were born. We will discuss themes, images, political and social content, technological developments of film, and the use of song and dance. Additionally, we will trace the changes in the structure of the narrative/story telling of the films. While this is not a performance class, we will explore the genre from the inside with workshops and projects in dance and film making.

Following are the instructions for my essay:

The WHY Paper:

This is an essay (6-8 pages) exploring a question that has been raised as you watch films and attend class. These questions can be big or small, looking at general trends, economic factors, technological developments, social/cultural influences, or portrayals in the films; anything that stirs your imagination and curiosity. I expect that you will need to do research* as well as watch one or two other film musicals to help you write your essay.
*Wikipedia is NOT a source that will be accepted for this project. I do expect you to cite your sources using at least 3 resources in print and no more than 2 approved websites. Please use MLA citations.
NOTE: All papers must be typed in 12-pt. font and double-spaced.

Following are the films that have been covered thus far (in chronologically viewed order):

1) a?The Jazz Singera? (c. 1927)

2) a?Broadway Melodya? (c. 1929)

3) a?Love Me Tonighta? (c. 1932)

4) a?Gold Diggers of 1933a? (c. 1933)

5) a?42nd Streeta? (c. 1933)

6) a?Top Hata? (c. 1935)

7) a?Shall We Dancea? (c. 1937)