Ow and why has modernisation been associated with both secularisation and increased levels of religiosity?

Do not know what is meant by number of sources above. This is for the Open University and there are set books included in the course The topics to include are global religious movements, internet and media, religion and society, New age religions, social transformations, civil religion. Have to use concepts and arguments in effective and appropriate ways. Show the relevance of the ideas. Structure has to be coherent. Introduction to set out and plan and clarify the scope of the essay. Conclusion draw ideas together. Double spaced, 2cm margins. Not all topics need to be included in detail but at least 2 have to. 5000 words including the bibliography and referencing. The question asks to consider two possible outcomes for religion of the process of modernisation. This is the first time I have used this service and am looking forward to receiving the essay and then using your service more.