Ow and why have European attitudes to the display of Benin art in museums and galleries changed? (1000 words)

For your answer to this part of the assignment you will mostly be drawing on Book 3, Chapter 2 and the DVD ROM (though you are also free to refer to material from Chapter 1 if you wish). Focus on significant shifts in attitude to the display of Benin art from when it first appeared in European collections to contemporary debates about them. Issues you might find it useful to consider include: the difference between treating an object as an anthropological or ethnographic artefact or as a work of art; the concept of a?primitivisma; the question of how changing attitudes might be traced in installations, that is, how objects are physically displayed. The issue of ownership of Benin art could also be relevant to this question. You are unlikely to be able to cover all aspects of this question in 1000 words, so select carefully which issues you wish to focus on.