Ow and why might violence against women be perceived as indicator of unequal citizenship?

In responding to this question, it will be important to examine the particular forms of violence that affect women across a variety of locations and experiences. It will be important to identify the locations within which experiences of violence occur, and the roles that governments might play in permitting or eliminating these patterns of violence. In developing a full response, it will be worth examining the importance of key political values and forms of citizenship that might be linked with widespread violence against women. Particular attention should be given to social and political rights as potential sources of protection against violence.

IMPORTANTIn this essay I will ASSERT the notion that violence IS INDEED an Indicator of Unequal citizenship.

This will be tied down to the themes of history that regard womenas being viewed as property and a gender role assigned to be subservient to men and also other women

Please look into the historical interpretations, arguments from the U.N and statements from domestic and international aspects.