Ow Apple Does It (Time Magazine Oct 24 2005)

Please read the article on Time Magazine Oct 24 2005 and write an essay that addresses the questions below. Please you have to justify your reasoning based on the following seven strategic management concepts:
1) Strategic Management Process eg. competitive advantage
2) Evaluating a firms external environment eg. the five forces model of environmental threatsthe threat of rivalry, the threat of entry, the threat of substitutes, the threat of suppliers and the threat of buyers.
3) Evaluating a firms Internal capabilities eg. the VRIO framework(is the firm Valuable, are the firm products Rare, are they Immitable and do they have a good Orgaanization)
4) Cost Leadership and sustained competitive advantage
5) Product Differentiation
6) Vertical Intergration
7) Corprorate Diversification
The text for this course in case you need to take a look at it is Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage by Jay B. Barney and William S. Hesterly.

Now here are the three questions that needs to be answered based on the article.
#1 Do you agree with conventional wisdom which –according to the author of the article-suggests that Apples strategy is Wrong”? Why(or why not?)
#2 How do Apples strategy and business practices relates to the above mentioned seven strategic management topics?
#3 What is Apples strategy in your opinion? Do you think that Apple has a sustainable or temporary competitive advantage? Why( or why not?) What would Apple have to do to achieve (or maintain) temporary or sustainable advantage in the future?

Please typing has to be double-spaced using a 12pt. font of your own choosing. No plagiarism and i trust you to do an excellent job.