Ow are African -Americans represented on the screen and in the media?

Start by viewing some short documentaries on you tube on media and hollywood representations of African Americans, male and female, as well as on prison industry. There are a large number to explore some examples are classified X by Leocine (there are a number of different ones):Bamboozled;Blackface montage from Spike lees Bamboozled;ice-ts guide to blaxploitation;Who controls the image of black women and why is Michelle Obama always a target? Raw Truth! Prision is a business and you are the commodity; Exposed prison big business.
FILMS; Gone with the wind; Shaft; Boys in the hood; Malcom X; The colour purple; Mississipi burning; To kill a mocking bird ; Guess whos coming to dinner; Amistad; Glory ; Jungle fever; Jackie Brown
TELEVISION; The crosby show and anything by Chris Rock