Ow are Diversity and Ethics interrelated

Diversity and ethics are often interrelated. This is especially true when different groups are making policy that affects others. There are often many facets to consider to ensure fairness to all those involved. One way to ensure this is to know the people involved and their characteristics. Doing an analysis of the people involved is one of the best ways t o ensure that sensitive and considerate policies and decisions are made. We experienced and read about this in Week 1. In this discussion activity, we are going to have a more philosophical discussion about this area by considering the question: How are diversity and ethics interrelated?
Post Structure:
Answer the question: How are diversity and ethics interrelated? You are to write a statement that tells the reader one or two points you think.
Using the evidence you found in the research conducted, you are to support your statement (answer to the question). Using everyday media (newspapers, online e-zines, blogs, list serves, websites, magazines, etc.), you are to find two sources that provide you with evidence as to how diversity and ethics are interrelated.
Your post should be 250 words in length. It is recommended that you write your post in a word document first. Then, copy and paste the post into your discussion.