Ow Are HR Functions Applied in the a?Reala? World?

Sometimes, the best way to learn about a subject is to ask an expert. You may not know it, but your father or mother, sister or brother, or your friend could be an expert on a subject that you may be researching. For this assignment, that can be true.


To learn more about the way companies apply the HR functions, you can talk to someonea a family member, a family friend, a mentor, a colleague, or a person who works at a large company.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation based on the following questions, as well as others that you can think of to ask your interviewee:

What is your official job description? (Slide One)
What is your official title? (Slide One)
How are employees recruited in your organization? (Slide Two)
Do new employees undergo any new-hire training? Are new employees provided with any orientation materials? If so, what types? (Slide Three)
What benefits does your company offer to its employees? Hint: Vacation, sick pay, and reimbursement for educational expenses
What type of performance appraisal does your employer use? Is your performance reviewed annually or every three months? Is a standardized form used? Are you required or allowed to provide your own self review/input? (Slide Five)
You may add any other appropriate questions. (Slide Six)
After discussing the above questions, complete the following assignment:

Review the subjectas responses to the above discussion questions and then compare the answers he or she provided with the material you read in your textbook. Did the responses to your questions match the information provided in the book? Were they different?
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, which lists the discussion questions, subjectas responses, and a summary of the information provided by the textbook on the same subject. If the information you gained from the discussion was different, make a note of that in your presentation and explain why you think it was different or slightly different from what the textbook stated. It might be that the information the subject provided was specific to an industry.
Deliverables and format:

Create your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Make sure your presentation has about six to nine slides.