Ow are staff recruitment practices affecting Al Rayyan banks performance?

I will attach the dissertation guide and th eletter of intention to help you. Could you please share with me the 4 research questions now.
Please note that the proposal structure is on page 17 of the attached guide: Please
follow this structure.
4.2 Structure of the Research Proposal
The Research Proposal must follow a specific format and structure in order to be approved.
It must contain:
Title Page
Abstract (max. 350 words)
Introduction & Background to the Study
Problem Statement
Objectives/ Purpose
Research Questions (6 to 10 questions)
Research Design/Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods)
Literature Review (conceptual framework & main theories to be used)
Schedule (Gantt Chart)
Reference List (minimum 10a 3 websites maximum)
No Research Proposal will be evaluated if any of the elements above is missing.

--Please see the professors feedback on my initial topic. I decided tyo do the first one (A) of here suggested topics.
What is exactly your problem statement? In your original problem statement: How can staff recruitment practices of the bank affect its relationship with its customers and the banks performance? The statement is quite broad and focusses on many areas within the human resource discipline.
Narrow it down to recruitment practices and performance of the bank. Rephrase your statement on those areas.

Suggested statements:
A. How are staff recruitment practices affecting the banks performance?
B. How is Qatarization affecting Masraf Al Rayans performance?
C. To what extent is qatarization affecting the recruitment practices at Masraf Al Rayan?

Research Questions
The proposed thesis aims to offer appropriate answers to the following questions:

1Why has the recruitment process failed to attract more Qatari employees? this question is already an assumption that there is a negative result of failure, however you havent really researched and investigated this point yet.

2In which way will the limited number of Qatari employees affect the bank performance? this questions is assuming that there is a limited number of employees, how do you know?

3Which is the role of the banks leadership in increasing the Qatarization percentage? increasing is also an assumption, keep it a neutral question

4How can the recruitment process be modified to attract more Qataris ? you assume that there is a need of modification in the recruitment process, but you havent done the research yet.

5Which are the challenges for Qatarization and how can they be overcome?

The first 4 questions needs to be modified into more specific, measurable questions. These questions are assumptions, you can use assumptions if you are using hypotheses, but I dont see them in your statement of intention coming forward.