Ow are the ideas of legitimacy and identity used in politics and social movements?

Anthropology 101
Paper #2 a Politics and Identity

In the news, we often hear of identity politics, or how self-identified groups try to influence public affairs to better their interests. For example, an ethnic group might be trying to separate from a country to form their own state, or a womenas group might be advocating for laws ensuring more equitable pay. In class, we discussed how identity and politics are related, especially through the idea of legitimacy.

How are the ideas of legitimacy and identity used in politics and social movements? For your second writing assignment, you will need to answer this question. Your argument should be supported with at least two case studies. One must be drawn from class materials (lecture and readings), but one should be drawn from outside work, such as academic articles or newspapers.* (You can use more than 2 examples if you feel it helps your case).

You should feel free to think broadly about how people create an identity for themselves and others, and use this to gain support to for political movements and organizations.

Your paper should have 1a? margins on all sides, be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, have a title, and use 11 or 12-point font. Be sure to include both in-text citations and a work cited page.

It is important that your paper have a clear thesis or argument.

* When looking for outside case studies, think about whether or not youare using a trustworthy source. The best sources for academic writing are peer-reviewed journals, which you can access through UNC libraries. However, it is also okay to look for recent stories in the news or even websites that describe a political movement or organization. Just be sensible about the authoras expertise and biases! If youare not sure, ask!

For the In-classreadings/case studies, choose from the following:

Portraits of the Whitemanby Keith H. Basso, Cambridge University Press (pg 1-18)