Ow are themes such as Landscape and Wilderness portrayed in cinematic films?

This is a 4000 word project allowing you to explore any theme(Landscape and Wilderness) of the course in more depth. A written essay reflecting on your creative work and its relation should also be submitted. below are a list of works (articles and films) you can include in the essay:
Manufactured Landscapes(Jennifer Baichwal, 2008)Wonderful study of images of modernity.
Walkabout (Nicholas Roeg, 1971)moving outback drama, country/city clash.
The Adventures of Prescilla Queen of the Desert (Stephen Elliot, 1994) Camp in the outback.
Into the Wild (sean Penn, 2007)Based on a true story about getting lost.
Stalker (Andrie Tarkovsky, 1979)Mysterious, deserted nuclear zone
Safe (Todd Haynes, 1995)