Ow are your life goals similar to or different from those of one of your parents/guardians?

My essay must be a comparison and contrast essay about the topic I provided and my essay must be organize using either subject-by-subject or point-by-point for the body structure. Also including that my introduction must be at least 150 words and my thesis statement needs to be the last sentence for my introduction paragraph. And my in conclusion paragraph needs to have at least 100 words. Lastly I can only choose one parent weather its father or mother to compare or contrast my life goals to one of their life goals. All in all my essay must discuss the topic I have provided either by comparing or contrasting my life goals to one of their life goals. with that being said, my life goals verses one of my parents life goals must be clear and define throughout the essay.

Added on 15.04.2015 02:11
And my essay must have real life examples and very detailed .