Ow Asian tourists look in westerners eyes

Hello writer. I am contacting you for my final content analysis paper which I have mentioned to you in my previous annotation paper (order#1147149). You said that I can find you again.

The project is about content analysis, to find 8-10 articles from major newspapers that discuss the race and/or ethnicity topic. I will be analyzing the reporters treatment of the chosen topic from a sociological perspective. So I chose to talk about how Asian/Chinese people look in Westerners eyes, through the news about Chinese tourists behaviors. Professor emphasized that It needs to link to the discussion of race and/or ethnicity.

The paper should be formatted using one-inch margins, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font. It says minimum 6-8 pages; however, Professor said that it should be a lot longer than the minimum page requirement. Therefore, I order 12 pages doubled-spaces.

I will upload three things for you:
(1) Template for this content analysis project paper; (2) The annotated bibliography based on 8-10 articles that you have done for me in the previous order; (3) articles web links.