Ow beauty and sex is portrayed in niptuck

In a 3 page essay analyze one television series by applying the skills you learned from both Bordo and Ross. You are persuading them that your argument concerning the film or advertising campaign is a convincing one. There are many directions you could go with this paper. You could focus on a piece of media that conflicts with dominant stereotypes or one that extends/perpetuates/complicates them. You don t have to focus on gender, like Bordo and Ross did, but could look at stereotypes concerning race, age, regionalism, etc. You must explicate scenes/images/etc from the media product of your choice in order to back up your argument.

Your essay should include the following elements:
1. A thesis and motive clearly stated.
2. At least three separate points to back up your thesis.
3. Evidence (for this paper, primarily in the form of SPECIFIC examples from your case).
4. A conclusion.