Ow Beneficial Was Martin Luther Kings Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

1. you must highlight the controversy and you must debate the issue throughout the essay.
2. Analyse whether Martin Luther King made a genuinely orignial contribution or carried on what was already developing.
3.Analyse Martin Luther King strengths as an orator but weaknessas an organiser.
4. the extent to which his personal ambition/ morality should be taken into account.
5. Analyse clear failures such as the Chicago Campaign/poor Peoples Campaign.
4. You must Analyse Martin Luther kings Strengths, Weaknesses, achievements and failures and weigh up other factors and Charcters such as Malcolm X.
5.Asses the views of king, Historians who promote him and why do they promote. historians who critize him and why.
6. Show what the debate is in the introduction.
7.Analyse the Myth of Martin Luther king.
8. Must not be narrative. Must include historians viewpoints and write a clear argument.
9. quotes from the texts must be used and referenced on the bottom of the page and at the end there must be a bibliography.
10. focus on King.
11. no more than 3000 words.
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14. Websites but must be quoted and referenced.