Ow benefit using ITIL v3 framework in IT service operation for Telecom Industry (An Exploratory Study)

In my study I am planning to do an assessment for ITIL v3 compliance in telecom industry by choosing one telecom company the study will focus on IT service operation processes (incident,problem and request fulfillment processes).
methodology should include standards data gathering like (questionnaires and interviews) or at least famous measurable and doable methodology in order to check finally what level is the company compliance with ITIL v3 in mentioned processes, however finally I will propose some enhancements depend on the gap analysis and findings.
these enhancements will be proposed in order to improve the compliance to be in better level of ITIL v3.

Please use easy english terms

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Chapter 3 Methodology
Contains detailed description of experiments carried out
Experimental methods should be described so that another researcher will have no difficulty replicating them.