Ow Benjamin Franklins audience and purpose for writing The Autobiographyaffected his writing style for that particular text.

The essay may also take the form of an extended analysis of a specific work. For instance, in class we discussed how Benjamin Franklin always adapted his writing to the particular audience and occasion he had in mind. You might explore this further, researching the background of one of his major works (such as the complete version of The Autobiography) in hopes of explaining how his sense of audience and purpose affected that particular text. Or, you could choose a text we have not read or will not be reading in class and attempt to show how it illustrates one of the many themes or deals with a particular issue that we have discussed. You could also choose to perform a critical comparison and contrast on the work of two different writers, examining how they treat a particular issue.Source Requirement: You must use at least 3 credible, scholarly secondary sources (books, articles, biographies, etc.) in support of your thesis. These 3 sources are in addition to your textbook or the primary text you may be analyzing. Also, be aware that the number of sources sufficient for a particular project varies depending on what type of paper you are writing  3 is the absolute minimum in this case, though you may find that you need more. If at any time you have any concerns as to whether a source is reliable, be sure to clear it with me before using it in your paper. Wikipedia is never acceptable for an academic paper, and personal web-sites are rarely credible sources for this kind of project. Your sources must be documented using MLA style, with both in-text citations and a works cited page at the end of your paper.

This is from the handout on the expectations for the paper.