Ow Biblicalis the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Following references to be cited from: 1) Sarah Coakley, Why 3?in Making and Remaking of Christian Doctrine. 2) Robert Jenson, Systematic Theology. 3) Childs, Biblical Theology. 4) Kark Barch, Church Dogmatics, 5) The Oxford Companion to the Bible. 6) Other references as the writer feels is appropriate.

Reeferncing as follows:
In Main text:
Wainwright, 1962, 99.25-8 (a reference in this style ach time the book is quoted from.

In Bibliography: Wainwright, Arthur W; The Trinity in The New Testament, SPCK, London, (1962).

Esssay to follow format of introduction to topic/paragraph outlining methodology, main body, conclusion.

Following areas to be concidered in relation to the topic: How the early Church Fathers used the bible in relation to the essay tpoic/ Old Testamant Understanding/New Testament understanding.