Ow Biologists Are Impacted and Responding to Alcohol-Induced Interpersonal Violence Globally

***ONLY use internet sources from databases that can be accessed for free…I MUST be able to print out the sources used!!

This section must analyze how your professional field is responding to your global trend globally or regionally. It provides a valuable opportunity to demonstrate your ability to combine your College Studies education with the skills and knowledge you have gained in your professional major. In other words, you must demonstrate your ability to make liberal-professional connections. Here are questions you can ask yourself in order to accomplish this task:

Using three or four examples from outside of the U.S., discuss how your profession is responding to the trend introduced in Section 1. (Examples include Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, England, and Russia)

Do differences in location and culture influence how professionals in your field are responding to this trend? What are the main viewpoints of leading professionals worldwide regarding this trend?

What conclusions can you draw about the significance of this trend for your professional field and about how your professional field worldwide is dealing with or responding to this trend?

TREND: Due to the effects that alcoholism has had on society there is now an increasing concern of the way alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal violence.

PROFESSION: Biologists (from various branches of biology, i.e., genetics, behavioral science, psychology, biochemistry, etc.)

Specific biologists (names, branch of biology, and location) that are taking action against excessive alcohol that leads to interpersonal violence.
Specific studies that can be accessed for free on the Internet.
Provide educational programs, policies, and laws that biologists are helping to develop/established/passed in order to response to the trend in question.