Ow brand image influences consumer purchase intention

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Here is the structure of Chapter One Introduction for your reference:

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Research aim
Very focused i?? 3 or 4 key aims of the dissertation

1.2 Research question
Very focused i?? one question and possibly some sub-questions.
Ensure that your conclusions and recommendations match the stated question.

1.3 Context and relevance
Common things to include here are:
an outline of the sector or industry
some statistics
if an organisation or firm is being used explain its size, location,
area of business, age, history, and market position
reasons that the research question is important i?? this could be:
organisational problem or development
interest in the public domain
recent legislation
new angle on a well documented situation
recent event(s) which have changed a situation

1.4 Scope of research
Creating the right expectations also means being clear on
what you are not going to do. Write about the limitations of your research.
Be very clear!
i??This dissertation examines i??i??
i??This dissertation will not examine i??i??
i??This dissertation confines itself to i??i??

1.5 Structure
End the introduction by sketching out the subsequent chapters.

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