Ow businesses comply with legislations regarding sales over the internet?

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The increasing use of the Web as a sales channel places fresh demands upon Web site developers. Developers need to ensure that they comply with existing, as well as new legislation that addresses the specific requirements of online buying and selling.


Prepare an essay of 2000 words, based upon the following research:

” Research the issues involved in establishing a Web presence, including domain names and the intellectual property protection of online content
” Research the legal and information requirements with which a Web site operator must comply
” Research the issues involved in contracting online, including how to sell over the Internet [Web] and the use of Web site terms and conditions
” Research and provide an overview of the potential liabilities involved in running a Web site, including issues of defamation and unacceptable content

Provide as much empirical information as possible including examples/case studies that support your research.
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