Ow Businesses Investigating Employee Misconduct

Before you begin writing a paper, you need to perform research to discover the body of knowledge that exists on the subject. A requirement of this assignment is to include a minimum of six references but you may choose to add more if it is needed. By incorporating these references into your paper, you add depth and validity to your findings. You will find links to reference material in the course room or you may use the internet, journals, magazines, or any other reference material available in your local library.
Please be cautious when selecting reference material off of the internet; retrieve your material from reputable sites such as major academic institutions or government sites. As an example, I would not use information from Wikipedia as anyone can change the content.
Once you have selected your reference material, you can complete the annotated bibliography. For each reference you have selected, write a paragraph (between 75 and 100 words) describing how it applies to your paper. As an example, I found an article on the internet that discusses the applications of critical thinking. The author describes how critical thinking techniques are used in problem solving and offers several examples of its usage.
When using this as the annotation for a reference, I would write a short paragraph that touches on the main points of the article. You should be able to fit approximately three references to a page, using double spaced text.