Ow can a companys knowledge base be protected in the event of a natural disaster?

As the readings for this Modules Case indicate, there is increasing consensus that business continuity planning is really a species of the general problems of knowledge management (or maybe the other way around, given the effectiveness of most continuity planning.) Two articles that reflect the diversity of approaches being taken to thinking about emergency recovery in terms of knowledge management are:.

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In addition, there is material in the background information bearing on these questions, and you may wish to do further research yourself by following up some of the links or other references

Ow can a companys knowledge base be protected in the event of a natural disaster?

Emergency planning is the process of preparing for an unexpected, yet potentially anticipated, disaster or breakdown in a part or parts of an information system. We have certainly seen in recent years, even in recent months, that while particular disasters are more or less by definition unpredictable, the fact of disaster in general is entirely predictable; and both the likelihood of the disaster and the lack of preparation for it tend to increase precisely in proportion to the amount of time that has elapsed since the last one.

On the organizational level, everything that happens to us personally is played out, and multiplied in terms of severity, by numbers of people and the multiple roles they enact. Business disasters in the modern world often turn out to be much more about knowledge and its management than about physical facilities, as important as they may be. However, just deciding that continuity is about knowledge as well as buildings, computers, and records doesnt make it a whole lot easier; in fact, you may well have added all the strains of KM to the already evident complications of even something as obviously desirable as creating backup systems. But backup has to happen, and disaster recovery including from the body blows to the organizations knowledge base -has to be planned for. In this Module, well gain an understanding of this Continuity planningand see how to think creatively about how to recover if a disaster strikes.