Ow can a creative corner encourage a group of 3-4 year old mathematical development?

Sub questions:
-what are the benefits of the creative area in terms of supporting childrenas mathematical development?
-what activities can be used in the creative corner to promote mathematical development?
-what is the practitioneras role in promoting mathematical development?

Provide an abstract summarising the project.
What is the research project about? The main findings. What was concluded and recommended?
Provide a clear introduction to your research projectyour aims and objectives. Your reasons for investigating this particular area. Give an explanation of how, where and when it was carried out and a general indication of your findings.
Literature Review
Provide a well researched and structured discussion which examines the issues, theoretical perspectives and practical implications. Discussion of a range of issues relevant to the research project. Research should be clearly linked to the chosen project and quotes relevant to the area of discussion. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the evidence presented to substantiate the investigation.
How were the sessions planned and data collected? Were qualitative and quantitative research methods used appropriately? Was the method of data collection relevant to the project? Are the questions on questionnaires/interviews/observations linked to the project?
Analysis of findings
Provide a clear introduction to your findings. Analysis of the key issues raised and their implication for teaching and learning. Demonstrate use of paraphrasing in analysis of arguments, debates and discussions .deployment of references to substantiate key points.

Conclusion and recommendation
Reflection on your own practice and how you critically explored and justified recommendations for your future planning and development.

1-Make reference to current uk theorists and literature.
2-Pioneer theorists such as piaget and Vygotsky
3-The EYFS( early years foundation stage) which is the current practice in uk for early years