Ow can a firm use social media in branding?

The primary objective of this project is to answer your question, So what is the relevance of all this to me and my organization?The focus of this project is the application of consumer behavior concepts to a specific marketing strategy problem facing your organization (or one you are familiar with). Secondary and primary research is expected.

The report should begin with a one-page executive summary and will consist of 3 main sections, and is not to exceed 10 pages, plus a list of references.

(1) Background

The Background section provides the context and focus for the consumer analysis. Secondary research is expected for this section, drawing on information from company reports, online sources, news articles, etc. The section should include:

The Marketing Strategy Problem In 1-2 pages, describe the current situation, and identify the specific marketing strategy problem. Use course concepts in your explanation. For example, from the organizations perspective and the consumers perspective, explain whether this problem is one of affect and cognition, behavior, environment, or a combination.
The Consumer & Consumer Issues In 1-2 pages, describe the customer segment that is most relevant to the marketing problem you identified. Explain the segments current or potential value.

(2) Consumer Analysis

Use a form of primary research to gain information on and understanding of the consumer. This may involve observation research, a focus group, interviews, etc. Describe your research objectives, method and findings in 3-4 pages. What did you want to know? How did you study it? What did you learn?

(3) Recommendations

Conclude the report with 2-3 pages of recommendations, based on the secondary and primary research you conducted. The recommendations should address the marketing problem you identified, and may involve aspects of segmentation, positioning, and marketing mix decisions. Be specific. Suggest how your recommendations could be implemented. Also, identify what additional research you recommend.

Since the length of this course is just one month, I expect a short focused research.