Ow can a home corner in Key Stage 1 engage children s communication?

Research project practice (3 parts)

proposal is 2000 words
Ive done 500 words far

ethical reflection is 1500 words –
Ive done 400 words far

Annotated bibliography is 2500 words –
Ive done 600 words far
This is 5 books, and an overview at the end.
I have 3 good journals/articles
and 2 great books on methodologies.

Total of 1500 words Ive wrote in total, so and I need 4500 words more, but I will pay for 5000 words as just in case writer needs to amend some of my words.

Writer ID #16679 Alex
I have spoken to Alex, she said, its fine, she will take take this order.

I will upload all my requirements.

I was told I can pay a small sum of it now and pay for the 1500 words first and then pay the rest at the end of this month.

I was told once I make the order, I will get a link sent to me with a 20% discount link where I can make payment.
part 1
proposal is 2000 words –

Ive done 500 words far