Ow can a individual create a business to be successful in life./My course is leadership and ethical decison making

Creative Leadership INTD 670
Term Project

Developing a Leadership Plan

Step 1

Identify a real-life situation requiring leadership in your work or community life. Examples include creating a business, leading a team at work or working in a local community organization.

Step 2

Develop a leadership plan for the situation described in Step 1. This leadership plan should be tailored to the situation and might include one or more of the following items:

1. Is there a match between your key leadership traits and the situation?
2. Does the situation require a vision?
a. What do you want to accomplish?
b. What is your vision?
c. How will you build the vision and get it adopted throughout the organization?
3. Ethics
a. Will there be any ethical dilemmas to deal with?
b. Can you establish an ethical decision making culture at the organization?
c. How will you do that?
d. Will you need to build a code of conduct and what should be in it?
e. What actions will you take to demonstrate your and the organizations ethical values?
4. Empowerment
a. Do you need to empower people?
b. What will you do to empower people?
c. What will you do to develop a high performance workplace?
d. How will you balance empowerment and accountability?
5. Leadership Principles
a. What key leadership principles will you practice?
b. What will you do to keep morale high?
c. What will you do to develop communication and teamwork?
d. How will you listen better?
6. Understanding People
a. Do you understand the people that you will lead?
i. Do you understand their motivations
b. How will you persuade them to take action to implement your vision?
c. What will you do to learn more about your people?
d. How will you incentivize them?
7. Multiplying Effectivenss
a. How will you increase your leadership effectiveness?
b. How will you delegate?
c. Who will you assign to do certain tasks?
8. Developing Others
a. What will you do to attract and/or keep good people?
b. Do you have a training or development plan?
c. How will you help people through change?
9. Performance Management
a. Do you have high but realistic goals?
b. Do you have incentives for good performance?
c. Do you have mechanisms in place for correcting bad performance?

The leadership plan does not need to specifically address each of these questions, they are meant as a guideline. Different situations will require different solutions. You should try to focus on specifics of implementationa¦not just the type of organization you want to build or the type of leader you want to bea¦but how you will achieve those things. What will you do starting Monday morning at 8:00 AM to implement your leadership plan?

Step 3:

What is your assessment of the likely outcome of your a?leadership plan?a?
To what extent are the nine key elements of leadership present in your situation?
Will you be successful in showing the way?