Ow can a?inequalitya? be described; how can it be measured? Do you see any causal relationships between a?classa? and a?inequalitya??

Below are the primary criteria that will be used to evaluate your essays/assignment responses:
1) Relevance: Does the essay/answer pertain to the assigned topic?
2) Definition and precision of terms: Have the meanings of the terms used been clearly stated, and have these terms been used consistently throughout the assignment?
Use of evidence: Have the arguments presented been supported with evidence from reliable sources?
3) Accuracy of information: Have facts rather than opinions been presented?
4) Logical consistency: Are the conclusions reached logical and supported by facts?
5) Policy analysis: Have the policy or policies from the relevant sources pertaining to the issues raised in the assigned topic been correctly applied?
If necessary, your tutor will also correct and comment on your grammar and spelling. However, the recommendations made in these areas are generally intended to help you improve your writing skills. Assignment grades are substantially based on the content of your work.