Ow Can Americans Manage Obesity Throughout the United States

Write and submit a research paper.
1) a title page
2) an introduction (generally one paragraph) that introduces your topic and includes your thesis statement
3) body paragraphs (generally 5-6 pages) that present relevant research (cited with in-text citations in APA format) that supports your thesis statement
4) a conclusion (generally one paragraph) that concludes the specific points of your essay and restates your thesis statement
5) a list of the references you cited in your paper (in APA format)

How Can Americans Manage Obesity Throughout the United States

Narrowed topic to:
Due to the increase in obesity within the united states over the last 15 years, I narrowed my topic to obesity to the United States.

Questions to answer on this topic:
What long term plans are available to combat child obesity in the United States?
What can be done as a society to help our youth deal with obesity?

Guiding Question:
Child Obesity in the United States: What factors cause child obesity within the United States?