Ow can an organisationas reward system assist organisational success?

her is the structure teacher provide:

-Must demonstrate an understanding of different reward systems an organisation can choose, evaluate their effectiveness and provide a critical assessment from academic literature.

-Define reward :
self-esteem, empowerment
individual/group/organisation wide
money and benefits

-define organisational success
bottom line/profitability

-systems becoming more individualistic a arguments for and against

-To ensure commitment reward must be aligned with corporate strategy e.g. to recruit or keep employees who have scarce skills/knowledge in relation to external labour market may need above market rate

-How it can go wrong
want teamwork, reward individuals
reward system appears unfair e/g/ skewed towards top
linked to appraisal system which is not owned by manager or accepted by employees

-Could also mention a?bundlesa? of high commitment HR practices appropriate to organisation

-In conclusion, reward system is a necessary but not sufficient condition for organisational success.