Ow can an understanding of microand macroeconomics help business deal with their market situation and their external environment?

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Micro a think what the question is asking. What micro-economic theory?
Supply and Demand analysis; the concept of moving along a Supply or Demand curve; the concept of a move of either curve, or both curves, a and the effect of that potentially on price. Include at least three diagrams a label them; title them; and explain in the text.

Elasticity a Price; Income; Cross Elasticity of Demand. Price Elasticity of Supply look at at least two of these.

Market Structure a the different types, and their features.

Think of these theories a how might any one of them be relevant to a business of which you are aware? Put yourself in the position of being a manager in such a business a how might they help you understand your market situation?

Macro a again, what is the question asking? How might understanding macro help business understand their external environment?

Consider the various government economic policies; and The Bank of Englandas role in the economy. How might that affect a business? And the various economic indicators, what is happening to the major ones? And why is that important to business?

Think major well-known businesses (although it is perfectly acceptable to include a small business if that is considered appropriate).

For example think High Street; Airlines; Supermarkets; Car Manufacturers; Food Manufacturers; Brewery Companies; Restaurant Chains; Hotel Chains; Leisure Groups; Mobile Phone Companies; Newspaper groups; Electronics retailers; On-line Companies where appropriate. Do NOT use Primark for the micro section.