Ow can California become a more small business friendly state.

Audience: Students majoring in your field of study who are at the same year of study as you and, if
desired, the Research and Creative Works Conference judges.
Length: The body of your paper should be 2000 words (about 10-12 pages, double-spaced).
Style: Observe the conventions of APA style. That means you will need a title page, an abstract,
and a list of references with at least 10-12 credible sources.

Introduction. In your introduction, you should spend several paragraphs capturing your
readersa attention, providing needed background information, and presenting your thesis.
Presentation of Your Position. In the main body of your essay, which will easily be
almost two-thirds of your paper, you will establish the reasons for your claim. Your paper
should make a strong case for the position that seems best to you, and you should work to
persuade your readers that your views are worth considering or even adopting. Support
your thesis with at least 10-12 credible sourcesa sources that others in your field might
consult, read, or reference in their own writing. (See pp. 90-103 and pp. 349-352 of your
electronic textbook for additional information on selecting credible sources.)
Presentation of and Response to Opposing Views. Next, summarize and respond to the
views of your opposition. Sometimes, you will concede that your opponent has a good
point, even if your claim is better. Other times, you will refute the opposing view. Either
way, be fair in how you present the arguments of your opponent. It will enhance your
Conclusion. End by summing up the argument. Try to leave a strong last impression.
Help your readers see why your claim is important: show your argument in the larger
context of the issue or call your readers to action based on what theyave read in your
use other states as examples