Ow can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) be used to help an adolescent with anxiety?

Please make sure you only use high impact journal articles for citations. You can use search engines such as web of science, pubmed, psycinfo and so on to find the correct source of materials. Good journals include the British Journal of Psychiatry, the American Journal of Psychiatry, Brain and Development, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and many more. Of course you do not HAVE to stick to only these as there are many, as long as true scientific journal articles are the only things cited. It is best to begin my describing the two main aspects of the essay briefly first, what is CBT and what is anxiety. Please always keep in mind this essay is about ADOLESCENTS. Not young children or adults. Please also refer to the following resources to make sure you are discussing the up to date methods of carrying out CBT check the NICE Guidelines (UK) as well as The The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry. Both will have descriptions of treatment and so on of anxiety in the adolescent population. As long as you use evidence from publishes articles and studies to support how CBT helps adolescents with anxiety, the essay should be straightforward. Please contact me with any questions!