Ow can family literacy programs be more inclusive?

Essay topic: How can family literacy programs be more inclusive? (father involvement, family members, socio economic status high class, middle class, low class, culturally, etc)

Essay Format:
(8 pages plus references)

Section 1 Introduction (1-2 pages)
Should state why the research or literature review is important (i.e., the significance, for example, weaknesses in the research area or impact on childrens long-term learning). A reference or two will strengthen your points. A link to your own experience is okay to include here but not necessary.
Should define concepts or terms where necessary
Should introduce the main body of the paper (how the paper is organized, i.e., the themes) toward the end of the introduction

Section 2 Body (5 pages)
Should contain headings, if needed, or paragraphs that define transitions among different aspects of the literature review or themes
Links should be created among the ideas within one theme and transition into a second theme (i.e., reasons why children from some diverse backgrounds perform less well in literacy)
References should be used to strengthen your points about the topic being reviewed

Section 3 Recommendations or Implications (for early/family literacy) (1-2 pages)
Make direct links between what you wrote about in the review/inquiry and specific suggestions for practice and/or family literacy research
Use references to reinforce the practices you recommend
Include a few summary sentences to conclude and/or state where further research may be conducted at the end of the paper

References (1-2 pages)
References (approximately 8-10) must be used from the course material (i.e., articles, require text, supplementary texts, or power points) and can include outside source material
Be consistent in the reference style you use (e.g., APA, MLA)

Sources for some info to base of essay also can find other sources.

1) Bringing Literacy Home by KaiLonnie Dunsmore and Douglas Fisher