Ow can family size influence the process of socialization?

A. Analyze a selected topic from a social scientific perspective by doing the following ( suggested length of 5-7 pages):
1. Explain the significance of a suitable question, which you have formulated, for social scientific analysis.

2. Analyze three research problems (i.e., subordinate questions) that will help answer the social scientific question that you have formulated.
a. Explain the social scientific analysis required for each of the three research problems.

3. Consider the extent to which your chosen topic question can be examined by the application of the scientific method by doing the following:
a. Discuss the scientific method as understood in the natural or physical sciences.
b. Compare the research methods required for your formulated question (from part A2a) to the scientific method as understood in the natural or physical sciences (from part A3a).
c. Discuss whether a social science perspective must rely on the scientific method in the same way that natural or physical science would.

B. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format

Reference list : (this is only one of the references needed) a I will provide this source for you.
Perry, J. & Perry, E. (2009). Contemporary society: An introduction to social science. Boston, MA: Pearson