Ow can high schools better educate studentsa imaginations?

Your essay should answer this question:

How can high schools better educate studentsa imaginations?

Keep style formal by avoiding firstand second-person pronouns, contractions, slang, and other colloquial elements, and by revising the essay thoroughly. Good control of these and other mechanical matters will strengthen your essayas value, as will a rich supply of specific content: definitions, examples, and words that refer to things experienced by the senses. Reinforce specificity by using concrete nouns and action verbs, and by eliminating unnecessary modifiers and other wordy forms. (Write a?impressed,a? not a?greatly influenceda?; prune a?on a weekly basisa? to a?weekly.a?)

To develop your essay, identify a problem and offer a solution. Then detail the solution and its advantages, anticipate and refute opposition, and take your solution a step past your main idea. (a?Students who study a second language will likely become more tolerant of cultural diversitya?; a?By learning to play a musical instrument students will discover the value of diligent practicea?; a?Students who know how to grow vegetables recognize the importance of thrift.a?)