Ow can ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) increase their student market share in terms of communication strategy in China

Extra requirements: 1. a questionnaire (primary data) is needed; aims to get better understanding of the target audience.(university students in China.) Please design a questionnaire with 10 questions (multiple choices questions) . I know it s difficult for the writers to go out and perform a survey, so please just make up the data, make up at least 100 respondents, then analyze the data with statistics graph (e.g. pie chart, bar chart etc)

2. Interviews will be necessary for gain ICBC internal information, things like its communication plan, its marketing strategy, etc, therefore, the interviewing should be arranged with the manager level of the ICBC and relevant staffs. Again, its impossible for the writer to actually go interview with the bank. Please jst make up that there has been a telephone interview or something,but of course the internal imformation of ICBC should be authentic.

Please contain a questionnaire at the last page as an appendix and a table content with clear heading at the front page.

1.General Structure: this paper Must contains the following structure.
(Below is just a general structure, a dissertation paper must be more than these, for example.
any analysis or relevant stuff that writer you think is necessary for the topic can be added. More chapters should be written after literature review and before research methodology.

- Introduction (e.g bank industry, company overview. etc)
- Literature Review (Approx. 3000 words)
- Research Methodology
- Findings & Analysis
Conclusion & Recommendation

please follow the paper discription (proposal)i will then upload