Ow can management accounting techniques assisst the management of a real life company.

The details of the assignment are…………………

Choose an organisation of which you have some knowledge or in which you are interested. Explain how management accounting can supply information to assist the management of the organisation. The organisation you choose should be a real one. You should not investigate and report on the organisations actual management accounting system as these would not normally be made public.

Your report should aim to give a well structured backround to the organisation showing good reading of appropriate sources. You should use this to describe the organisations buisness model i.e segmentation, pricing, competition,suppliers, costs and prices, and its future proofing dynamics. An understanding of the buisness model will lead to the identification of the critical management decisions to be made and what data would be neede to help management make these decisions. In other words how can management accounting assist the management in their decision making task.

The management accounting techniques that I would like used are out of these……

ABC….activity based costing

cost volume profit analysis

contribution analysis

relevant costs

ABM…….activity based management

absorption costing……

I would like three picked from all of these which relate to the chosen company i have selected.

My chosen company is Topshop the retail store………..

The rest of the assignment instruction i will attach below….thankyou

However I would only like assessment 2 to be done as assessment 1 which is the BILSTON FASTENERS ONE is a calculation which I have completed already, thankyou

Thankyou so much for your help

p.s in the assignment instructions it says…………

A bare pass D grade will give a patchy backround to the organisation that does not properly identify the buisness model and does not derive management decisions and information needs. Referencing will not show the use of appropriate sources. The choice of technique will not be connected to the needs of the company or will be generalistic, with few examples that couls be said to characterise the organisation.

the mark scheme is as follows

Backround to the organisation deriving the buisness model and demonstrating whats management decisions needs to be made. 30%

A description and explanation of the management accounting techniques which the company might use. How would these improve decision making? 45%

The stenghts and weakenesses of your analysis for example the additional information you would have liked in order to improve your recommendations. 15%

Presentation. 10%
Strategic Management, John thompson with Frank Martin, 5th edition, 2005

Colin Drury, management and cost accounting, 7th edition,2010

smart things to know about decision making, ken langdon, 2001

management lecture slides.