Ow can management of visitor attractions in the Lake District be more sustainable?

1 How often have you visited the Lake District?

Never,Once or twice , three to five times or more than five times.
2 when you visit Lake District, who do you come with? Family, partner, alone, education Trip
3 What are favourite activities in the Lake District? Give choice, walking, rock climbing, lake cruise
4 Where is your favourite location in the Lake District?
5 why is it your favourite location?
6 what donat you like in the lake district? Use stats , give options using literature review
7 which visitor attraction do you is being best managed?
8 what do you think can be done to make the management of visitor attractions in the Lake District more sustainable?
9 what is your gender?
Male female
10 what is your age group?
18 a 25 26 a 35 36 a 45 46 a 55 56 +

i have included these 10 questions for my dissertation
can you please make up finding, analysis and discussion from the questionnaire to make up data for me. please make data being equal, 35 people should have done the questionnaire, please make the fictious data include male, female, young and old respondents. say they have visited many places including windermere in particular. please include sources,such as lake district vistor numbers stats, what visitors like. make up the data, using graphs, stats and figures please as well critically analyse the data once completed.
please evaluate, critcally analyse the findings once you have made them.

i need the data for my dissertation questionnaire findings
can the data be:
is the data appropriately presented? (graphically or verbatism

Ow can management of visitor attractions in the Lake District be more sustainable?

please just do these headings that i have listed below?
chapter 1
1Concept of Sustainable development
2Arguments on different concepts of Sustainable development
3Argue for and against, critically analyse
4Relate to Lake District
your small summary/conclusion

chapter 2
1Theories on visitor attractions
2Critically analyse Compare and criticise theories of vistitor attractions
3Relate to lake district
4 small summary /conclusion

chapter 3
1 Management of Lake District
2 critically analaysed, state its good and bad points
3 how it can be managed better to be more sustainable
4 give brief comparison of management of lake district to peak district, critically analysed