Ow can marketers use social media for their business?

In this essay you might want to use a number of social media facilities including:

i · Twitter
i · FaceBook
i · LinkedIn
i · Instagram
i · Bebo
i · Topsy.com
i · Google alerts
i · Socialmention.com

Marks will be available for identifying other relevant social media networks

You might want to categorise the social media networks by how marketers could use them

Marks will be available for demonstrating understanding of the benefits and limitations of each network

You may wish to illustrate your answer by applying the general principles to a specific business.

You might want to consider, in your answer, marketing concepts like:

i · Segmentation, targeting, positioning
i · 4Pas of marketing
i · Customer buying behaviour etc.
i · Competitive behaviour / advantage


Marks will be awarded for evidence of:

i · Researching a range of social media
i · Researching a range of different types of businesses / organisations
i · Application of a range of marketing concepts to the analysis of how social media are being
used for business purposes
i · Reading around of the subject is required by inclusion of a list of reference evidenced by the
use of the Harvard System for referencing.