Ow can navigating organizational politics enable leaders to function more effectively?

1. Presentation and organization of the paper (5 points/100) Have a clear and careful formatting of the text a use sub-headings to structure the essay (Introduction, Main body and Conclusion), use an adequate font (Arial or Times New Roman, 12p, 1.5 spacing, justify texta format), and insert page numbers. br /
2. Expression and style (10 points/100) Make sure that your writing is grammatically correct and clear. Try to put your ideas across in a compelling manner.br /
3. Clear focus and thread of the argument (10 points/100) br /
4. Recall and understanding of relevant knowledge (15 points/100)br /
5. Application of knowledge (examples) (10 points/100)br /
6. Analysis, synthesis and critique (25 points/100br /
7. Pertinent conclusion (10 points/100)br /
8.Evidence of research and reading (10 points/100)br /
9. Appropriate referencing (5 points/100)br /
br /
Referencing Requirements:br /
1)Douglas, C. and Ammeter, A. P. (2004), An examination of leader political skill and its effect on ratings of leader effectiveness”, Leadership Quarterly, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 537.br /
2) Buchanan, D. (2008), You Stab My Back, Iall Stab Yours: Management Experience and Perceptions of Organization Political Behaviour”, British Journal of Management, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 49-65.br /
3) Doldor, E., Anderson, V. & Vinnicombe, S. (2012) a?Refining the Concept of Political Will: A Gender Perspectivea?, British Journal of Managementbr /
4) Baddeley, S. and James, K. (1987), Owl, Fox, Donkey or Sheep: Political Skills for Managers”, Management Learning, vol. 18, pp. 3-19.br /
These are essential readings, some of them I am gonna upload after confirming the order. The minimum number of references is 6.