Ow can powerful people affect the lives of people who do not have a lot of power?

Using these 3 stories:
Charlotte Perkins Gilmanas a?The Yellow Wallpapera?
William Faulkneras a?A Rose for Emilya? and Joyce Carol Oatesas a?Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?a?
from the book
Intro to Literature Edition: 16th
Author: Barnet
ISBN: 9780205633098
Copyright Year: 2011
Publisher: Longman

Please construct a grammatically sound and welldeveloped essay in response to the following question:

How can powerful people affect the lives of people who do not have a lot of power?

As you consider this question, please think about the relationships between older characters and younger characters, between guardians and children, and between old and new value systems. Also, it may help to think about how social norms have changed, and remained the same, since the time the chosen stories were published. Here are a few questions to spark your thinking:

A. How do older generations treat younger generations? Is communication successful between the two? Why or why not?

B. Are the decisions made by those in power made with the best interests of all in mind? Are the decisions made by those who are not in power made with the best interest of all in mind? Why or why not?

C. Do you think that the short stories made a difference in the social world, when they were published? In other words, could they have sparked new ideas and thereby encouraged social change?

Please include as many details and as possible from the three short stories, but please remember, the essay SHOULD NOT SUMMARIZE the texts; the essay should INTERPRET all three texts. Include properly formatted MLA quotations. Transitions between ideas and paragraphs should be smooth, analytical, and provide evidence of an ability to discern concrete and complex connections between apparently disparate pieces of literature.

This essay should be three pages long, include one quotation from each text, and include a Works Cited page. Use Times New Roman Font, size 12.