Ow can Purchasing Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

This paper is for a class that begins a research study. This project does not include any data colleciton.

Here are the different parts that this paper must include:

Research Problem
Research Questions
Research Design (Quantitive, Qualititative or both)
Suvery Instrument
Data Collection

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This is the rough draft that I have come up with. This should be greatly expanded.

Research Problem:

What is the current level of customer satisfaction for those receiving services from the Purchasing Group? And how that this level of satisfaction be improved?

Research Questions:

R1: What are the key responsibilities of the purchasing group?

R2: Who are the customers?

R3: What quantitative data can be collected?

Research Design:

Mixed; both Qualitative and Quantitative

” Qualitative will focus on the thoughts, opinions and ideas of the customer base. This group will supply valuable perceptive feedback about the current state of service and current expectations.

” Quantitative data will be collected in the areas of transactions, number of responses to inquires and elapsed time for response.

Research Surveys:

” For the Quantitative information a Likert scale will be used on several questions that focus on out puts.
” Questions to include subjected evaluation of performance.

Sample Group:

” Systematic

” Select key individuals within the customer group who are knowledgeable of the processes and requirements. This group should be able to give reliable feedback that can lead to meaningful change.