Ow can rescue operations be improved by Kuwait coast guard and how could they cope with all weather conditions?

Kuwait Coast Guard is similar to the US Coast Guard, in my project i will tslk about the KCG and you can gother the informations for the US Coast Guard becouse they share the same common things for the rescue.

* I attached my decoment (qaustinnare 2) this is my qaustinnare for my project through my quastions you will understand what informations do i need to write about.

*another attached (Instructions for Background Science Review) is include my title,the outline f my project and instructions of the Background Science Review which i need in this order. this attach encludes an examples that you may need or not its up 2 you but it help to give a clear pic to you.

please read the title carefully becouse it is not wide subject it just about the rescue team and how they will improve thier equipments and ticnecs for help and rescue people and how they can cope with the bad weather.

this order is for 14 days but am happy to add a week in total 21 days to get a best result