Ow can rituals facilitate the Grieving after the funeral

1. Thesis: Here the students should explore a specified area of interest in a well focused research question. The question should be narrow enough to allow an in-depth study, for example, How does the death of a child affect marital stability? The paper should utilize major theories studied in this course in the analysis.

Thesis Paper Rubric:

Student has a clear, well stated and clear thesis question

Body/ Review of the literature: The review is excellent with appropriate sources combining classic and contemporary research. Review is well organized, and clearly addressed the thesis question. Ideas are together and show evidence of a careful outline.

Bibliography: All sources listed in a recognizable format (APA ect.)

Format: Format fully followed

Presentation and style: Uses appropriate and descriptive language that shows mastery of course content. Carefully typed paper with no or few grammatical or spelling errors.

Please write in 3rd person.

May use Journals (Updated ones)

Message to the writer: I must have the bibliography done by nov. 16
Please note that and be sure it is sent.
I will send the two books via e-mail
please make use of any other sources.