Ow can Ryanair maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market?

The report must include the following sections:

Title of the Management Report
Executive Summary: This section is aimed to be read by another to establish if your business research proposal merits further attention and by whom. It should provide a good synthesis of the reasons for developing the project, the main questions to be addressed, and the suggested research design and implementation requirements. This section should try to provide some answers to the question: What does the client/commissioner need to know so to decide what to do?

Literature Review and Conceptual Model: Explain which previous research is relevant to your research proposal. Discuss prior studies, secondary sources from the literature, and basic concepts to define the research problems and/or hypotheses. Present the conceptual model. In general this section should provide answers to questions such as: Has anything similar, relevant been done before, what where the methods/approaches used, the findings, how do they relate to what you want to be doing?

Research Methodology and Instruments: Present the overall research strategy, detailing the division of the proposed research into elements/ stages/tasks/activities. Describe data collection methods youall be using and for each one explain why are you using it and details on the criteria for data collection (e.g. sampling criteria, sample sizes). Use Appendixes for detailed design of the data collection instrument (interview, questionnaire).

Implementation considerations: Describe the estimated timetable for implementing the research project, required resources, involved role and/or agencies and detailed budget plan. Explain to the commissioner your suitability to lead the proposed research.
Criteria for assessment of work 2:1 :
Very good.
Interesting research topic and proposal. Well researched topic; good references and links to the recommended literature; good implementation considerations; well written, well presented.