Ow can SMEs(small to medium enterprises) survive in the highly competitive industries that are participating?

This is a dissertation project for my masters degree.I would like you to write this paper as my supervisor specified to me.
-Research Question,motivation i.e why interesting?
-Introduce your case.
-Foreshadowing the findings and case
2.Literature review
-a)Identify several SMEs problems and b)possible survival strategies
3.Data and methods
-Case study Research Design
4.Case study/Findings
-Description of the company and case
-Analysis of strategies of the specific company on how it achieved survival and/or for example via exporting, diversification in other markets etc.
5.Conclusion and Limitations

The title as you understand is very general so you should choose a SME in a specific industry as a case study.
I would prefer you to use more journals/articles from the databases of Business source complete and Nexis/ Orbit if possible.Also a few relevant books.