Ow can social change be brought about, especially in a totalitarian society like the one Nafisi describes?

a? A coherent argument that defines the parameters of your essay, supported by solid interpretative thinking. (Note: Take a position on the debate; you may agree or disagree with Gladwell/Nafisi partially or fully. I donat care what you argue as long as you argue it well.)
a? Solid analysis, not summary, of the text. Remember, you are writing for an audience that is not familiar with the text; you need to provide enough information so that your reader can follow your argument but not reveal everything. I want to hear your voice, not Gladwellas or Nafisias.
a? Specific references to the text. Solid and meaningful use of quotes. Remember, you want to incorporate good idea and not factual quotes.
a? Engagement with the text. Remember to ground your paper in Gladwellas and Nafisias essays only (no outside examples, no personal experiences, no anecdotes, no hypothetical situations etc.)
a? Good conceptual organization.
a? Sentence clarity and correctness. Make sure you proofread your essay for spelling and grammatical errors.